Choosing a Home Vision Therapy Solution

Charles Teufert -


When considering a home vision therapy solution for your patients several considerations must be made. These considerations can be broken down into those affecting the patient and those affecting your office. The main concerns of those in need of a home vision therapy solution for their patients are compatibility, convenience, capability, and cost. The solution must be able to work with as many patients' devices as possible, be used anywhere at anytime, and tailored to each patient, all without an outrageous cost. Web Vision Therapy is your solution!


Technology is ever improving. Systems designed only a few years ago may depend on specific equipment or software to operate may no longer be available. This is true both in your office and the patient's home. In the not too distant past, choosing a computer and which software was compatible was not difficult. Microsoft Windows dominated the marketplace with over 85% market share. You could be almost certain your patient would own a compatible computer. However, this has changed significantly. Microsoft still has a dominant share of the "desktop and laptop" market share, but now your patient's are 40% likely to have a computer that is not compatible with software developed only a few years ago. The greatest growth in personal computing is no longer the desktop computer or even the laptop. It is tablets such as the iPad and Android tablets which account for more new computer sales than desktop computers and laptops combined. In addition, nearly everyone has a smartphone. It is very likely your patients will have more than one computing device, many of which are not compatible with classic Microsoft Windows desktop applications.


One standard that nearly every device from every manufacturer whether it is a desktop computer, laptop, tablet, or smartphone meets is Internet access / compatibility. The world wide web is familiar to everyone. We may choose to use different devices or web browsers, but the underlying standards promote compatibility. Web Vision Therapy is a web based application. It utilizes the underlying standards used through the Internet to be compatible with the greatest number of devices. Not only is Web Vision Therapy compatible with Microsoft Windows XP, Vista, Millennium, XP, Windows 7, and Windows 8 on desktop and laptop computers it is also compatible with Apple Mac OS X and Linux based computers, Apple iOS tablets and smartphones, Android tablets and smartphones. Web Vision Therapy is compatible with virtually EVERY computing device your patient owns.


Convenience of a home vision therapy solution starts with the system installed on the patient's computer. Back in the dark ages, software was supplied on floppy disk until CDs became popular. Now many new computers, especially laptops, are no longer equipped with either. USB flash drives are currently popular, but their small physical size and possibility of erasure make them less than ideal. Your office needs to purchase and stock the media containing the vision therapy software. What happens if you misplace a copy or a new version is released? Ignoring these media problems, the act of installing proprietary software is not without pitfalls. Compatibility problems with other software or hardware can cause the patient difficulty in getting his system operational. What happens if after installing "your" software the patient has a problem with his word processor, printer, or email due to a compatibility issue? Even after the patient has the software installed, it may be necessary for them to repeat the process to install an update or upgrade.


Web Vision Therapy bypasses these potential pitfalls. No proprietary software needs to be installed to use Web Vision Therapy. There is no need for a floppy disk, CD, or USB flash drive. Your office does not need to "stock" the software. To begin using Web Vision Therapy the patient need only visit using a compatible web browser and sign in with their user name and password. Compatible web browsers include Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Apple Safari, and the later versions of Microsoft Internet Explorer. Every time the patient signs in they will be directed to the latest version of the software seamlessly. The patient does not need to install or upgrade Web Vision Therapy. Convenience continues with use by the patient. They will be using their favorite web browser to visit a web site, a task they are familiar with. Because the patient might have more than one computing device, Web Vision Therapy allows them to use as many devices as they wish. Their usage on every device is merged in to one patient record for your review. Your patient can start using Web Vision Therapy in the morning during his commute by train with his iPad. At lunch, he can use his office computer. Once back at home, he can choose to use his iPad or laptop to finish up his therapy for the day. Web Vision Therapy makes it convenient for your patient to do the vision therapy you recommend. Your access to patient progress is no less convenient. You can choose which type of device to use and where to use it from, too. Need to consult with someone else? Open up Web Vision Therapy on your iPad at lunch or a conference.


Capability or flexibility of vision therapy software determines if it will meet your patient's needs. Many home vision therapy systems have different versions that each address a limited number of needs. Have you been forced to recommend the patient purchase multiple vision therapy programs that they will only use a fraction of each? Or to limit what therapy to recommend they receive? If the vision therapy software limits the number of uses, what happens if they are interrupted or choose to do some in the morning and some in the evening?


Web Vision Therapy has over 70 activities broken down in to 8 areas: Vergence, Tracking, Sequence, Visual, Memory, Games, Near/Far Vergence, and Near/Far Activities. While it is not likely that any one patient will need each of the 70+ activities, the flexibility afforded by them all being in once Vision Therapy Solution is beneficial. You can configure Web Vision Therapy to meet each patient's specific needs without having to worry about incurring the penalty of needing to recommend the patient purchase multiple programs. Web Vision Therapy is subscription based. At the time your office creates and configures the patient's account the six month subscription begins. The patient can use Web Vision Therapy as often as they wish. They are not penalized by spreading their therapy out over several sessions per day.


What is the true cost of a home vision therapy system? The price you pay to a vendor to get the "disk" or media is only part of the cost. Stocking cost is factor. You see a patient and recommend home vision therapy. To make that sale you need to have in stock a copy of the program you want them to use. You need to purchase the software in advance and store it until needed. Purchasing in larger quantities will reduce the price and shipping costs but ties up your capital. You also run the risk of being caught with significant stock when a newer version is released. Even if the vendor accepts an exchange you will likely have to pay shipping and your staff for processing the return. Keeping too few copies on the shelf risks not being able to give it to the patient immediately. How quick can your vendor ship? Will they ship right to the patient's home or are you going to have to incur the expenses of receiving and shipping? The decision you make on how many to stock is made more difficult when the home vision therapy programs you use come in different configurations. You need to stock different versions, some of which you may rarely need.


Web Vision Therapy eliminates the need to keep stock on hand. You can never run out. Web Vision Therapy has over 70 activities available there is no need to consider which version to have on hand. The patient will have access to Web Vision Therapy seconds after you create and configure their account. No need to wait for a disk to arrive, nothing to loose or misplace. In order for your office to create a patient account on Web Vision Therapy, you need a "credit". Each credit is good for a six month subscription for a single patient. You can purchase these credits online from the Web Vision Therapy website in quantities of 1 to 100 in a matter of moments. Discounts increase as quantity increases and special promotions may be available. Larger offices and health care facilities may wish to consider in patient, out patient, and home use options we offer in place of the credit system.


Web Vision Therapy meets the tests of Compatibility, Convenience, Capability and Cost.

Compatible with every device your patient is likely to own. Microsoft Windows, Apple OS X, Linux, Desktops, Laptops, tablets, and smart phones.

Convenient for both you and your patient. Patients can use multiple devices from any where with an Internet connection to complete their vision therapy at any time.

Capable. With over 70 activities available and configurable your patient will have access to the therapy you recommend.

Cost Effective. There is no software to stock. No waiting for a disk to arrive. You can purchase moments before selling to the patient if you desire. Quantity discounts are available.

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